You can create an image based on an existing image version in the catalog. This capability lets you quickly branch an existing image into a new collection of image versions. You perform these steps in the Horizon Universal Console.


When creating an image for Horizon pods of the type based on Horizon Connection Server, you must first set up the participating vCenter Server instances. See Cloud-Connected Horizon Pods - Configure the vCenter Server Instances for Use with Horizon Image Management Service.


  1. In the console, select Inventory > Images - Multi-Pod.
    The console displays all the images registered in the image catalog.
  2. Click the name of the existing image containing the version that will serve as the basis for the new image.
    The details page for the image appears, listing all its image versions.
  3. Select the version on which you want to base the new image, and then click New Image.
    The New Image dialog box appears.

    New Image dialog box
  4. Specify the options for the new image.
    Option Description
    Source Image Version This read-only field shows the version number of the source for the new image.
    Image Name Enter the name of the new image.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description for the new image.
    Version This read-only field shows the version number of the new image. By default, the new image is created as version 1.0.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description for the new image version.
    Marker(s) (Optional) Define one or more reference markers to associate with the new image.
  5. Click Submit.
    Horizon Image Management Service creates the image and adds it to the image catalog. The new image contains a 1.0 version based on the source image.

What to do next

Publish image version 1.0 to your cloud-connected pods. See First-Gen Horizon Cloud - Overview of Publish an Image Version - IMS.