Managing Horizon Images from the Cloud describes how to use Horizon Image Management Service, including how to set up the service and how to create, customize, and publish versions of images for use by desktop assignments across your cloud-connected Horizon pods.

Attention: As described in Tour of the Cloud-Based Horizon Universal Console, the console is dynamic and reflects features that are appropriate for the up-to-the-minute configuration of your tenant environment. Access to features described in this documentation can depend on factors including, and not limited to:
  • Whether the feature depends on system code available only in the latest Horizon Cloud pod manifest, Horizon pod version, or Horizon Cloud Connector version.
  • Whether access to the feature is in Limited Availability, as stated in the Release Notes at the feature's debut.
  • Whether the feature requires specific licensing or SKUs.

When you see mention of a feature in this documentation and you do not see that feature in the console, first check the Release Notes to see if the feature's access is limited and the way you can request enablement in your tenant. Alternatively, when you believe you are entitled to use a feature that is described in this documentation and you do not see it in the console, you can ask your VMware Horizon Cloud Service representative or, if you do not have a representative, you can file a service request (SR) to the Horizon Cloud Service team as described in How to file a Support Request in Customer Connect (VMware KB 2006985).

Intended Audience

If you want to set up, customize, and publish system images for VMware Horizon desktop assignments, this information is for you. The information is written for experienced Windows system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and data center operations.