Horizon Image Management Service is a cloud-based service that simplifies and automates the management of system images used by desktop assignments, such as desktop pools and farms, across your cloud-connected Horizon pods.

The Horizon workflow depends upon the timely and diligent administration of the system images underlying the virtual machines and desktop assignments provisioned to end users. The management of system images can be a tedious and time-consuming process, as every customization to an image requires the administrator to update the associated desktop assignments one by one.

Horizon Image Management Service simplifies and streamlines this process by offering the following features and benefits.

  • Centralized catalog for images managed across your sites and cloud-connected Horizon pods.
  • Automated replication of system images across your cloud-connected Horizon pods. Desktop assignments on different pods and sites can easily reuse the same images managed by the service.
  • Automated version control and tracking of images.
  • Automated updates of desktop assignments with customized images, by using reference markers. You can easily and efficiently update desktop assignments in this way across your sites and cloud-connected Horizon pods.

Horizon Image Management Service significantly reduces the time and effort required to maintain desktop assignments with the latest images, allowing administrators to devote more attention to customizing the business-critical operating system settings and applications on the images themselves.