To initiate the workflow for updating your desktop assignments with a customized image, you first create a new version of the image in the image catalog. You perform these steps in the Horizon Universal Console.

The new version receives any edits you make to the underlying image. As an example, for on-premises Horizon pods, the new version receives any edits you make to the underlying image instance in vCenter Server.

Creating an image by selecting a New Image or New Version on the Version page is not possible if one or more of the following situations apply.

  • Deletion of the Microsoft Azure source pod upon which the original image was imported and published
  • Deletion of the subscription or resource group corresponding to the Microsoft Azure source pod


  1. Click Inventory > Images - Multi-Pod.
    The console displays all the multi-pod images registered in the image catalog.
  2. Click the name of the image for which you want to add a new version.
    The details page for the image appears, listing all its current versions.
  3. Click the selection button to the far left of the source version on which you want to base the new version, and then click New Version.
    The New Version dialog box appears.
  4. Specify the options for the new version.
    Option Description
    Source Image Version This read-only field shows the image version to be incremented.
    Version type Specify how to increment the new version number:
    • Major increments the number by a full integer value (for example, 1.0 to 2.0).
    • Minor increments the number by a dot value (for example, 1.1 to 1.2).
    Description (Optional) Enter a description for the new version.
    Marker(s) (Optional) Define one or more reference markers to associate with the new version.
  5. Click Submit.
    The in-progress ( Cycling arrow icon representing operation that is in progress) icon appears in the Status column for the new version while Horizon Image Management Service creates the version in the catalog and prepares its underlying image in the source pod. When the image preparation is complete, the status of the new version changes to Deployment Complete.
    The underlying image of the new version is a copy of the source version's underlying image. You can now edit the new version's underlying image without affecting the source image version.

What to do next

For Horizon pods in a VMware SDDC, you use vSphere Client to make edits and customizations to the new version's underlying image. See Customize an Image.