To prevent use of an image or version in new assignments, you use the Horizon Universal Console to put that image or version into an inactive, or deactivated, state.

Note: This IMS feature is only available for the Horizon pod type.

When you deactivate an image version, the console prevents that version from selection when creating a new assignment. Deactivating an entire image results in deactivating all of the versions under that image.

Deactivating an image version does not affect existing assignments based on that image version. If an existing assignment uses an image version that is later deactivated, that assignment can continue to use the same image version even in the deactivated state.

Note: You cannot change the marker associations for a deactivated image version. For example, you cannot create a marker or associate any additional markers with a deactivated image version.


  1. In the Horizon Universal Console, select Inventory > Images - Multi-Pod.
    The console displays all the images registered in the image catalog.
  2. Choose to deactivate an entire image or a specific image version.
    • To deactivate an entire image, click the selection button to the far left of the image, and then click Disable.
    • To deactivate a specific image version, first click the name of the image containing that version. In the image details page, click the selection button to the far left of the image version. Then click Disable.