The work flow for creating VDI multi-cloud assignments with managed images is similar to the procedure for single-pod images with some minor variations.

To create a VDI multi-cloud assignment with an image managed by the Horizon Image Management Service, you follow the steps in Pods in Microsoft Azure - Create a VDI Multi-Cloud Assignment with following additional actions.
  • In the Desktops step of the wizard, you must activate an additional option called Use Multi-Pod Images.
  • When Use Multi-Pod Images is activated, you are no longer required to select an image for each pod that you selected in the Definition step. Instead, you are required to select the multi-pod image you wish to use along with the associated marker.
  • Also, only those multi-pod images which are in a successful published state on each pod that you selected in the Definition steps will be available for selection.
Note: When you create a VDI multi-cloud assignment with a managed image, you cannot edit that assignment to use single-pod images. If, however, you created an assignment with single pod images, you can edit it to use a multi-pod image by following the usual edit work flow, activating the Use Multi-Pod Images option in the Desktops step, and selecting a multi-pod image.