This topic provides the high-level steps that you must complete to start using the features in this product. Upon the completion of these steps, your environment will be set up and ready for the Horizon Image Management Service.

Note: Some of these high-level steps refer to more detailed instructions documented in the public Horizon Cloud Deployment Guide or Horizon Cloud Administration Guide. Use the hypertext links provided in the high-level steps to open the HTML documentation pages containing detailed instructions.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the System Requirements.
  2. Connect your Horizon pod to Horizon Cloud to make it a cloud-connected pod.

    Follow the steps in the Deployment Guide, starting with High-Level Workflow When You are Onboarding an Existing Manually Deployed Horizon Pod as Your First Pod to Your Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment.

  3. Set up the participating vCenter Server instances for the service.
    1. Verify that the vCenter Server instances meet the prerequisites described in System Requirements.
    2. Configure the vCenter Server login credentials. See Configure the vCenter Server Instances.
  4. Import images into the image catalog and publish the image versions. See Import an Image into the Image Catalog and Publish an Image Version.
  5. Create desktop assignments that use managed images from the image catalog. See Create a New Desktop Pool for Multi-Cloud Assignments and Create an Automated Farm from a Managed Image.

    In this guide, a desktop assignment refers to one of the following:

    • Automated full-clone desktop pool
    • Automated instant-clone desktop pool
    • Automated instant-clone farm

The Horizon Image Management Service is now up and running in your environment.