This documentation page provides the high-level steps that you must complete to start using the Horizon Image Management Service (IMS) features that are available within a first-generation Horizon Cloud environment.

Using this Page

Attention: Use this page solely when you have access to a first-gen tenant environment in the first-gen control plane. As described in KB-92424, the first-gen control plane has reached end of availability (EOA). See that article for details.

As of August 2022, Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen is generally available and has its own Using Next-Gen documentation set available here.

An indication of which environment you have, next-gen or first-gen, is the pattern that appears in the browser's URL field after you log in to your environment and see the Horizon Universal Console label. For a next-gen environment, the console's URL address contains a portion like /hcsadmin/. The first-gen console's URL has a different section (/horizonadmin/).

IMS in a First-Gen Tenant - High-Level Steps

Note: Some of these high-level steps refer to instructions in pages within the first-generation Horizon Cloud Horizon Cloud - Deployments and Onboarding Pods or Administration of Your Horizon Cloud Tenant Environment and Your Fleet of Onboarded Pods. Use the hypertext links provided in the high-level steps to open the HTML documentation pages containing detailed instructions.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the First-Gen - Horizon Image Management Service System Requirements and with the current known limitations and issues.

    Those pages contain key information such as which Horizon pod deployment models are currently supported for use with IMS and which required versions of the key software components.

  2. Add your pod to your first-gen tenant's pod fleet.
  3. For Horizon pods, set up the participating vCenter Server instances.
    1. Verify that the vCenter Server instances meet the prerequisites described in the system requirements.
    2. Configure the vCenter Server login credentials. See First-Gen Horizon Cloud, IMS, and Horizon 8 Pods - Configuring the vCenter Server Instances.
  4. Import images into the image catalog.
  5. Publish the image versions. See First-Gen Horizon Cloud - Overview of Publish an Image Version - IMS.
  6. Create desktop assignments that use managed images from the image catalog.

After performing the preceding steps, IMS is now set up for your first-gen environment.