If an attempt to publish an image version fails, either partially or completely, you can use the console's Republish workflow to retry publishing.

  • If an image version is published successfully on some pods but fails on other pods, its status shows as Partially Available. If it fails to publish on all pods, it status shows as Failed. In both of these cases, you can use the Republish option to retry the process.
    Attention: Normally publishing fails on a pod for environmental reasons within the pod. The Republish process does not repair any environmental issues on your pod. You must fix the environmental issues yourself before attempting to republish to that pod. This includes ensuring that the pod is online and in a healthy state, without issues such as breached quotas or connection issues (for example, too many requests or socket exception). It also includes resolving any undesirable state the VM might be in because of manual user actions that were performed on the VM, such as:
    • Attempting to power on a VM that is already powered off for the purpose of publishing.
    • Attempting to remove the VM from the Microsoft Azure Portal or vCenter Server.
    Note: If the image version you attempted to publish is based on a custom VM that you created, you might see an error in one of the intermediate steps of the publishing process, such as agent pairing or Sysprep. In these cases you can attempt the Republish action as described below.
  • When you republish an image version, you are not able to make any changes to the parameters you selected when you first published it. The Republish option simply retries publishing with all the settings you made originally.


  1. In the console, navigate to Inventory > Images - Multi-Pod.
    The console displays all the images registered in the image catalog.
  2. Click the name of the image containing the version that you want to republish.
    The image details page appears, listing all its versions.
  3. On the image details page, select the version that you want to republish.
    Important: You can only republish a version that has a status of Partially Available (publishing failed on some pods and succeeded on others) or Failed (publishing failed on all pods). The failure must have taken place during the publishing process. If the failure occurred during the VM creation process, the Republish option is not available.
  4. Click the more ( ... ) button and select Republish from the menu.
    A message appears at the top of the page indicating that the republishing process has started. Horizon Image Management Service Attempts to publish the image version with the parameters you originally selected when you first attempted to publish it. For more details about the publishing process, see First-Gen Tenants - Publish an Image Version - Horizon Image Management Service.
    Note: If the Republish action fails, review the information at the top of this topic, correct issues as necessary, and republish again. For images in Azure pods, if republishing still fails, follow the steps in Unpublish an Image Version to unpublish the image version and then republish it again.
    Attention: Due to a known issue in this release, publishing occasionally fails with message stating that an AGENT_PAIRING or SYSPREP error occurred. If this happens, try republishing again as described in this topic.