VMware Horizon Cloud Service | 16 JUN 2017

As of February 7, 2017, the new brand name for VMware Horizon Air is Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure. In the current releases, customers will continue to find legacy references to previous names in the product documentation.

Release notes last updated on 14 NOV 2017

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

Links to release notes for other versions (* indicates DaaS Agent): 15.3.2 | 15.3.3 | 16.6 | 16.6.1 | 16.6.2* | 16.11 | 16.11.1 | 16.11.2* | 17.1 | 17.2

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

Patch Information

Patch Dependencies

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure 17.1.0 (Build: 17.1.0 Id: 11673_c7b7cce)

Affected Horizon Cloud Versions

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure 17.1.0 (Build: 17.1.0 Id: 11673_c7b7cce)

Patch Version

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure 17.1.1 (17.1.1 Id: 11720_92645d9)

Resolved Issues

  • Users were receiving the following error when shrinking the size of an assignment: "Assignment edit was successful but failed to update some of the command line parameters". This has been remedied so that the error no longer occurs. [1876837]

  • Users had been unable to make changes to assignments after adding new groups, in cases where users/groups had missing or bad attributes in Active Directory. This has been fixed so that assignment changes can now be made as expected. [1861816]

  • In the Administration Console, the Assignments and Assignments > Desktops pages have been loading very slowly at scale. This issue has been remedied so the pages behave as expected. [1851821]

  • Some users have been experiencing slow logins when one or more of their configured Active Directory servers is unreachable. This has been fixed so that logins occur as expected. [1857972]

  • Users were unable to save command-line parameters associated with Custom/User-Defined Apps. This has been fixed. [1890909]

  • Some users have experienced intermittent problems accessing the Desktop Portal and Administration Console. This issue has been resolved. [1894111]

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