You can install agents using the manual procedure described below. Some previous versions of Horizon DaaS required multiple agents to be installed separately, but Horizon DaaS now supports the unified Horizon Agents Installer (HAI), which installs all agents at the same time.


The following prerequisites must be met:
  • VMware Tools must be up to date.
  • VM hardware version must be up to date (for example, vm-13 for ESXi 6.5).
  • The VM name inside vCenter must match what is specified in the Guest OS and must be 15 characters or less.
  • The image must have the VNIC connected at the VM level.
  • The VNIC must be VMXNET3.
  • The VNIC must be assigned to the correct network/port group and the domain controller must have open communication with the VM.
  • The VM OS type in vCenter VM Options must match the actual OS installed.


  1. Run the appropriate version HAI executable.
    Note: There are two versions of the HAI file, one for use with Microsoft Windows 7 and one for all other operating systems.
  2. Click the Configure button under Horizon Cloud Endpoint Desktop.
  3. Select whether this desktop will be used for Instant Clone or not, then select the rest of the options you need for this image.
    Deselect Horizon 7 Persona Management.
    Note: Previous Horizon DaaS versions required that the DaaS Health Agent be installed in addition to the other agents. That has been replaced by the Help Desk Plugin option in the HAI installer. You are presented with a command-line equivalent of the options selected.
  4. Verify that the options are correct and click Proceed with installation.
    A screen displays showing the installation status

    When the installation has finished, a window displays indicating that the installation was successful.

  5. Click Finish.
    You are prompted for a reboot.
  6. Click Restart Now to finalize the installation.

What to do next

It is recommended that you optimize the image before proceeding with image import. See Optimize an Image.