On your new or upgraded tenant, you can configure integration with VMware vCloud® Usage Meter.

Attention: It is strongly recommended that you use vCloud Usage Meter 4.3, which has all of the current features included. vCloud Usage Meter 4.2 is also supported, but no versions earlier than 4.2 are supported.


  1. In Service Center, add a user account with the Read-only mode - View all/No Saving role.
    1. Click configuration > domain.
    2. Click on the name of the domain on the left side of the screen, then click Edit.
    3. Click the Group Info tab and then click the Add Admin Group hyperlink.
    4. 4. Select the role on the right and begin typing the name of the AD group name you want to add using distinguished name format. The system provides a dropdown of all available group names starting with the text you typed. Click it, then click the Save button.
  2. Install vCloud Usage Meter following the steps in the Deploying and Configuring vCloud Usage Meter guide on the vCloud Usage Meter documentation page.
  3. Using the read-only account you have created, follow the instructions for adding Horizon DaaS in the Using and Managing vCloud Usage Meter guide on the vCloud Usage Meter documentation page.
    Attention: Horizon DaaS 9.1.0 and Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud 21.1.0 are the same release. As a result, when you are setting up vCloud Usage Meter integration, you might see the 21.1.0 product version instead of 9.1.0. If you see this, it does not indicate a problem of any kind, so you can still proceed with the setup.