After you have finished installing the agents, you must add the required GPO settings.


  1. Download the View GPO Bundle .zip file from the VMware Horizon download site at:
    The file is named, where x.x.x is the version and yyyyyyy is the build number. All ADM and ADMX files that provide group policy settings for View are available in this file.
  2. Copy the file to your Active Directory server and unzip the file.
    The HTML Access GPOs are included in the Blast-enUS.adm ADM Template file.
  3. On the Active Directory server, edit the GPO.
    Option Description
    Windows Server 2008 or 2012
    1. Select Start > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management.
    2. Expand your domain, right-click the GPO that you created for the group policy settings, and select Edit.
    Windows Server 2003
    1. Select Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.
    2. Right-click the OU that contains your View desktops and select Properties.
    3. On the Group Policy tab, click Open to open the Group Policy Management plug-in.
    4. In the right pane, right-click the GPO that you created for the group policy settings and select Edit.
    The Group Policy Object Editor window appears.
  4. In the Group Policy Object Editor, right-click Administrative Templates under Computer Configuration and then select Add/Remove Templates.
  5. Click Add, browse to the Blast-enUS.adm file, and click Open.
  6. Click Close to apply the policy settings in the ADM Template file to the GPO.
    The VMware Blast folder appears in the left pane under Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates.
  7. Configure the HTML Access group policy settings.
  8. Make sure your policy settings are applied to the remote desktops.
  9. Run the gpupdate.exe command on the desktops.
  10. Restart the desktops.