This section describes basic monitoring of your environment. It also provides links to more detailed information about CIM providers and information about connectivity and ports.

The intent of this section is to provide information on the major items that should be monitored in your environment. At this time VMware does not have preference for the monitoring tool to be used, and the choice is left to the provider. Therefore the methods of implementation will depend upon the monitoring tool selected.

Critical Nodes

There are several nodes that are critical to proper functioning in your environment. In many cases the software is able to "self-heal". However, any impairment to these nodes should still be noted and potential action taken regardless of the software capability to "self-heal". Providing feedback on these occurrences is also important to improving the quality of the software. The nodes (whether iron or virtual) that should be actively monitored are listed below. Some of these are appliances and some are not. More details of the items that can be monitored are outlined later in this section.

Service provider nodes:

  • Active Directory
  • ESX hosts
  • Load balancer
  • NFS server
  • Network routers
  • Time server


  • Service Provider
  • Tenant
  • Resource Manager

Basic System Functions

For each of the nodes listed under "Critical Nodes", these basic functions should be monitored:

  • File system space
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage

The method of monitoring this information will vary depending upon the OS being monitored and the monitoring software itself. Please consult your monitoring software documentation for details.