You edit network information for a tenant on the Networks tab.

The Networks tab lists the current network configuration for the Tenant. To add a Network Configuration, click the Add Network Configuration button and populate the required information.

Depending on the type of network, the Network ID can be a VLAN ID, a VXLAN ID, or the case-sensitive distributed port group name if you are using a virtual distributed (DVS) switch via VMware vCenter. You may have multiple VLANs or VXLANs configured for a Tenant in a given data center, and also multiple DVS port groups. You cannot mix network types in a given data center. (e.g. a Tenant that is configured to use a VLAN may not use DVS and vice versa). The initial Network Type is configured during the Tenant Registration.
Note: When using DVS, the port group binding must be set to "Ephemeral - no binding"