On the Quotas tab, you can make settings for user licenses and desktop capacity.

Note: If the Desktop Capacity information on the Quotas tab is not correct, then refresh the page to update the information.

User License

Select one of the following and enter a value for it.

  • Concurrent - Maximum number of concurrent users permitted.
  • Named - Maximum number of named users permitted.

To save your changes, click Update.

Desktop Capacity

  1. Select a data center, desktop manager, and desktop collection (also called Capacity Model Collection).
    Note: If the collection you select is enabled for vGPU, then the desktop manager you select must also be enabled for vGPU.

    Additional text boxes appear, populated with information for processor capacity, memory capacity, and storage capacity based on your selections.

    • If you are using a shared Compute Resource, then you can edit the values for allocated Processor Capacity and Memory Capacity. This action changes the partitions that you created when you set up the shared Compute Resource.

      You can edit Processor Capacity by changing either the CPU GHz value under Allocated or the vCPU quantity under Allocated vCPU. Changing one of these values automatically changes the other. For more information, see Working with Compute Resources.

    • If you are not using a shared Compute Resource, then none of the text boxes are editable because all available resources are allocated by default.
  2. To allocate capacity, click Update.
    Note: The capacity is not allocated until you click Update.

For more information about desktop capacity, see Desktop Capacity and Model Definition.

Template Quota

Select a data center and enter a value for the template quota. The In Use value to the right shows the number currently in use.

To save your changes, click Update.