This topic describes the Desktone_NTPService CIM provider.

  • Description

    NTPService provider is derived from CIM_Service, and it provides information about NTP daemon which runs on the appliance. It also reports time synchronization status.

  • Properties
    • CSCreationClassName [key, derived]: Name of the class used to create the database instance.
    • SystemName [key, derived]: Name of the system on which the NTP daemon is running. Set to host name in our case.
    • CreationClassName [key, derived]: Name of the class used to create the provider instance.
    • Name [key, derived]: describes the name of the service. It is “NTPD” in our case.
    • Started[derived]: Started is a Boolean that indicates whether the NTP Service has been started (TRUE), or stopped (FALSE).
    • ServerAddresses: describes the NTP server addresses configured in /etc/ntp.conf. It is a comma separated string of addresses.
    • PrimarySource: describes the current NTP source in use for time synchronization.
    • SyncState: indicates NTP synchronization status. TRUE, if NTP is in sync with time source, otherwise FALSE. The SyncState depends on jitter, condition of peer and reach status.
    • Jitter: describes the jitter value in milliseconds of selected time source. If there is any problem to get the jitter or no primary source is selected by NTP, it returns 60000 milliseconds in order to alert. Providers marks SyncState property to FALSE if jitter is higher than 1000 milliseconds.
    • OperationalStatus[derived]: indicates the current status of NTP daemon and time synchronization.
      • OperationalStatus=2 (OK) -> NTP time is in sync (SyncState =TRUE) and all time sources configured are reachable.
      • OperationalStatus=5 (Predictive Failure) indicates NTP time is in sync, but one or more configured time servers are not reachable or rejected.
      • OperationalStatus=6 (ERROR) time source is not in sync or NTP service is down
    • StatusDescriptions [derived]: describes the OperationalStatus in detail which helps administrator troubleshoot NTP time synchronization.