This topic describes the Desktone_ApplicationServerStatistics CIM provider.

  • Description

    There will be a single instance of this class for all of the application appliances (that is, this will not be present in DB appliances).

  • Properties

    These properties report on operations of the JVM (Java virtual machine) used for the application.

    • InstanceID: Key to uniquely identify the instance of this class. Set to DesktonehostName_Jboss.
    • ThreadCount: Total number of threads running during the monitoring sample.
    • ThreadGroupCount: Total number of thread groups that exist during the sample time.
    • HeapSize: Current size of heap memory ●
    • MaxHeapSize: Maximum heap memory allowed on the application server.
    • Uptime: The length of time the application server has been running in milliseconds.
  • Calculations
    • Heap size used: 100*HeapSize/MaxHeapSize. Recommendation is to warn at 85% and then increase the alert priority in 5% increments (that is, 90, 95, 100).
  • Mitigation

    At 85%, schedule a restart of the dtService. At 90% or higher, restart the dtService immediately:

    $ service dtService restart

    If the heap memory used increases to high levels often (more than once per week), you should analyze your environment together with VMware support.