You can rename a datacenter if necessary, as described below.

The following is a scenario in which you would need to rename a datacenter.

  • When you bootstrap the primary service provider appliance, the bootstrap script ( prompts you to enter the name of the datacenter that hosts the service provider appliance.
  • If you subsequently add an additional datacenter, do not enter the name of the first datacenter when bootstrapping the primary service provider appliance for the new datacenter.
  • If you do inadvertently enter the wrong datacenter name, you will receive a FATAL message with a stack trace when the second stage of is run on the primary service provider appliance in the new datacenter.

If this occurs, do the following to correct the datacenter name.

  1. Edit final_config.txt.

    The bootstrap script saves the values you enter to a file named final_config.txt in the /usr/local/desktone/scripts directory. To correct a misnamed Datacenter, edit the /usr/local/desktone/scripts/final_config.txt on the new primary service provider appliance, changing the Datacenter Name line of the file to show the correct name.

  2. Save final_config.txt.
  3. Rerun stage 2 of and continue with the rest of the installation.