This topic describes the Desktone_CommonDatabase CIM provider.

  • Description

    Describes the PostgreSQL server running on database nodes.

  • Properties
    • InstanceID: Key to uniquely identify the instance of this class. Set to Desktone_hostName_postgreSQL.
    • HomeDirectory: Home directory of the PostgreSQL service.
    • DataDirectory: Data directory of the PostgreSQL service.
    • DatabaseVersion: Version number of the database.
    • MaxConnections: Maximum number of connections that the PostgreSQL server can manage concurrently. The value is extracted from the PostgreSQL configuration file from the parameter "max_connections".
    • Status: Indicates the current status of the PostgreSQL server. OK indicates PostgreSQL is running. STOPPED indicates that the database is stopped. If the database is down (status STOPPED), any other data provided should be ignored.
    • ListenAddress: The port and ip address on which postmaster process is listening for new connections.
  • Calculations
    • Percent maximum connections used: You should total up the ActiveConnections used by each database instance on the server (see Desktone_DatabaseService provider) and divide by the MaxConnections from this class to determine the load on the database server. That is: 100*(Sum(ActiveConnections)/MaxConnections).
  • Mitigation
    If the database is stopped, check the database server:
    $ service postgresql status
    If PostgreSQL is not running, start the service, then run the status command again:
    $ service postgresql start
    $ service postgresql status

    If the database will not start, examine the PostgreSQL logs and contact VMware support.

    The recommendation is to warn at 80%, critical at 90% of Percent maximum connections used.

    If the percent maximum connections reaches the critical level, you should examine the database server to determine which cache node or nodes is consuming a large number of connections (5-10 connections is the normal range for a cache node):
    $ netstat -an | grep 5432