This topic describes the Desktone_ActiveDirectoryStatus CIM provider.

  • Description

    ActiveDirectoryStatus provider is derived from CIM_LogicalElement, and it provides information and status of domain controllers which are added in DaaS platform. This provider runs on service provider and tenant appliances.

  • Properties

    • CSCreationClassName [key]: Name of the class used to create the database instance.

    • SystemName [key]: Name of the system on which the provider instance is running. Set to host name in our case.

    • CreationClassName [key]: Name of the class used to create the provider instance.

    • DcAddress [key]: describes the unique domain controller address.

    • DomainName: describes the domain name associated with domain controller.

    • LdapUri: describes the LDAP Url of current domain controller.

    • ResponseTime: describes the response time in milliseconds for LDAP query from DaaS appliance. The administrator should monitor this property and alert as required if it is preferred domain controller. Example: 0-15 seconds response time is OK, 15-30 seconds is WARN, and >30 seconds is CRITICAL. ● LastUpdated: describes the last updated time for this controller

    • IsPreferred: Indicates whether the domain controller is preferred domain controller or not in DaaS platform

    • CommunicationStatus [derived]: indicates the ability of the DaaS platform to communicate with domain controller. 2 – OK, 4 – Lost Communication

    • OperationalStatus [derived]: indicates the status of domain controller in DaaS platform . 2-OK, 13 – Lost communication.

    • Status [derived, deprecated]: indicates the current state of domain controller in DaaS platform (OK, Lost Comm)

  • Mitigation

    Make sure that preferred domain controllers are up and running, and verify the latency between appliance and domain controller if response time is high. Check the required communication ports are open between domain controller and DaaS appliances.


    When the preferred domain controller is not active, it will not be included in the CIM response.