When you log in, the Discover Management Server page is displayed. Use this page to discover the vCenter Server which holds the DaaS Management Appliance Template (.ova file) you imported. The template is used for creating DaaS management appliances.


  1. Enter values for the fields listed in the table below. Enter the IP address or FQDN of the vCenter Server that is hosting the SP1 appliance.


    Sample Value

    IP Address/Hostname






  2. Click Discover Server.

    The system prompts you to accept the certificate for the vCenter.

  3. Click Accept.

    The system indicates it is discovering host and calculating capacity.

  4. Select the Compute Resource(s) (ESXi hosts or Cluster) you have set assign for DaaS Appliances. These will be used to provision Appliances.

    A minimum of 2 ESXi hosts is required for high availability (HA). A cluster is considered to be HA on its own.

    For each selected Compute, a dialog appears. If the server is too small to accommodate the ratios, you may be prompted to re-configure them.

  5. Make any desired changes to the ratios and/or the Usage setting. Usage options are as follows:
    • Service – SP appliance

    • Tenant – Tenant appliance(s)

    • Network – setting not active

  6. Click Save to save the values.

    A VM list will be displayed containing all the VMs from the compute selected as part of step 5.


    Only VMs from the "Service" cluster are shown for the Appliance Template.

  7. Select the DaaS appliance template from this list.

    This should NOT be the Service Provider appliance itself, but should be the Appliance .ova that was deployed earlier.


Once the system has discovered the appliance template, the Browse Tenants screen is displayed.