On a DaaS Management Host, using the vSphere client, deploy two copies of the DaaS OVA file. The first copy becomes the primary Service Provider (SP1) appliance upon completion of the bootstrap process. The second copy becomes the template for all subsequent DaaS management appliances.


The Appliance Template needs to be on the same cluster as the SP1 appliance.


Make sure that you have downloaded the DaaS OVA file (Appliance Template) specified in this document. You need to locate the file on a Windows drive accessible by the vSphere client in order to deploy it from the vSphere client. vSphere cannot natively mount a Linux partition or connect to an NFS share.


  1. Start the vSphere client.
  2. Select File > Deploy OVF Template to deploy the first copy of the ova file, which becomes the first service provider appliance. The vSphere client launches the Deploy OVF Template wizard. The wizard has six steps. After completing each section, click Next.
    1. Source: Browse for the OVA file you downloaded.
    2. OVF Template Details: Click Next to skip this step.
    3. Name and Location: Rename the VM with the name of the Service Provider Appliance you defined in the Service Provider Installation Worksheet, for example “DatacenterName-sp1”.
    4. Storage: Deploy the SP1 Appliance to local/shared storage on one of the two management hosts.
    5. Disk Format: Click Next to skip this step.
    6. Network Mapping: The first column lists the two Source Networks. For each, select a Destination Network. The first network (VM Network) should point to the Service Provider Network. The second network (Dev Network) should point to the Link Local Backbone Network.
    7. Properties: Enter a new password for the template. Note: Make sure that you note the password for later use and that you use the same one for both copies of the file.
    8. Ready to Complete: Click Finish. A dialog indicates the status of the deployment.
  3. 3. Select File > Deploy OVF Template again to deploy the second copy of the OVA file, which becomes the template for all subsequent DaaS management appliances.

    In the wizard, specify the source of the OVA file (the same as in Step 2a), a name that distinguishes the file as the DaaS management appliance template, the service provider local/NFS storage, and the destination network (as defined in the previous step). We recommend you preface the name of your data center to the beginning of the appliance template name, for example “DatacenterName-template”. The name of the template must be unique across all datacenters. Also make sure that the password you enter in the wizard is that same as the one you entered for the first copy of the file.