This section provides you with information on how to install and configure the service provider appliances using vCenter discovery of the management compute resources

In this installation, you complete the following:

  1. Install the first service provider appliance in the datacenter.

    A DaaS appliance is a virtual machine combined with a functional unit of software in the DaaS platform. The service provider appliance provides two types of access to the system: via the Service Center web based UI; as a transit point for enabling ssh access to all the management appliances in the data center.

  2. Bootstrap the service provider appliance. Once bootstrapped, the Service Provider Appliance provides the foundation to install the remainder of the DaaS application.

  3. Start the Service Center on the DaaS Management Appliance and configure the Service Provider environment. Create a second service provider appliance for high availability (HA).

The Service Center provides a web-based UI for managing data center resources (hosts, storage, and the DaaS management appliances). You also use the Service Center to manage tenant contracts, configure tenant appliances and networks, and create and assign roles and permissions.