Perform the steps below to create a tenant resource manager appliance.


  1. In the Service Center, select service grid > data centers. The Data Centers page appears.

    The page contains a table of the available data centers.

  2. Find the line for your data center and click Edit.

    The Edit Data Center popup appears.

  3. Click Add Appliances.

    The Appliance Install page appears.

  4. In the Appliance Type drop-down, select Resource Manager.

    The page displays the data entry fields for the Primary and Secondary resource managers.

  5. Enter values for the fields listed in the table below. The IPs belong in the Service Provider network (not the link-local network).


    Sample Value

    Primary Name


    Primary IP

    Secondary Name


    Secondary IP

  6. Enter values for the New Reservation fields listed in the table below.


    Sample Value


    Friendly Name

    Create RSMGR

    Start Date

    Select Today from the drop-down or enter the month, day, and year.

    Start Time

    Enter 00:00 to indicate now, or the actual time in UT format.

  7. Click Create Appliance.

    To check the status of a reservation, select appliances > reservations.

  8. Select service grid > resources to see the tenant resource manager once it is up and running.