Perform the steps below to copy the software to your service provider appliance.


  1. Log into the SP1 appliance via putty (or equivalent), using the following credentials.
    • User: desktone

    • Password: the appliance password you set previously.

  2. Copy the following files to the /data/tmp directory on the SP1 appliance. (Do not copy the files to /data/repo at this time.)
    • av-manager-8.1.0-2788-airBAT.deb

    • cloud-connector-client_1.3.0.deb

    • dt-aux-8_0_0.deb

    • dt-keybox_2.85.01.5171022.deb

    • dt-platform-8_0_0.deb

    • wem-service-diagnose-1.0.153.deb

    • xmp-8.1.0-1937-airBAT.deb

  3. At the appliance command prompt, move the files into the /data/repo directory on the appliance by running the following for each debian file:
    sudo mv /data/tmp/<name of debian file> /data/repo