Perform the steps below to configure user licenses and desktop capacity.


  1. In Service Center, select tenants > browse tenants.
  2. In the table, click Edit for the tenant which you wish to edit.

    The Editing Tenant page displays.

  3. Select the Quotas tab.
  4. Under User License, select one of the following two options and enter a value for it.
    • Concurrent - Maximum number of concurrent users permitted.

    • Named - Maximum number of named users permitted.

  5. Under Desktop Capacity, edit values as described below.

    Not all values are editable.

    • Data Center - Select data center from drop-down list.

    • Std Capacity - Indicates maximum number of desktops. In Use value shows number currently in use.

    • Storage Capacity - Shows current storage capacity (not editable).

    • Implicit Desktop Storage - Shows implicit desktop storage (not editable).

    • Add-on Storage - (Optional) Enter value for add-on storage in GB.

    • Desktop Manager - Select desktop manager from drop-down list.

    • Template Quota - Enter/change value for template quota. In Use value shows number currently in use.