There are several configuration/setup problems that can result in an inability to launch a HTML Access (Blast) connection successfully.

  • Browser is not HTML5 compliant. Check that the browser version is one cited in the requirements.

  • Pop-up blocker enabled. The browser’s pop-up blocker could prevent opening the new window for a HTML Access connection. Make sure that the user disables the pop-up blocker for the Desktop Portal.

  • Windows firewall disabled. Make sure that the Windows Firewall is installed and running on the user’s desktop. A disabled Windows Firewall will result in errors reported in the HTML Access logs.

  • Certificate errors. If you receive an error that indicates a missing or non-matching certificate, review the instructions above under Import Certificate and Record Certificate Thumbprint and confirm that you have performed the necessary steps.


    You must repeat this process each time you open and re-seal a gold pattern.