Perform the steps below to add desktop compute resources.


If you are using the same vCenter to host your management appliances and tenant desktops, you do not need to complete this section. This is because you have already discovered the vCenter when setting up your management appliances. Instead, continue to Assign Resources to Tenant below.

If you are using separate vCenters for management appliances and desktop hosts, you must complete this section to add a physical desktop host for the tenant desktops. This host will be used for:

  • Importing your initial starter desktop.

  • Hosting your assignments (pools).


  1. In Service Center, select service grid > resources to display the Resources screen.

    The left side of the screen displays three panels: Resource Managers, Desktop Managers, and Compute Resources.

  2. Select the Compute Resources panel. The page redisplays with the Add Host Manager tab next to the General tab.
  3. Click the Add Host Manager tab and enter values for the fields listed in the table below.


    Sample Value

    IP Address/Hostname

    Enter the DNS name or IP address of the Desktop vCenter.

    User name




    Resource Manager

    Select the tenant resource manager from the drop-down

  4. Click the Add button.

    The system prompts you to accept the certificate for the vCenter.

  5. Click Accept.
  6. When prompted, accept the certificate.

    The assignment of individual ESXi or Cluster resources within this vCenter Datacenter to a particular Desktop Manager will be made after this step.