You can reinitialize slony.

On each appliance in an Organization run these commands as root.

Note: When you reinitialize slony for the edb, you must reinitialize slony for the avdb as well.


  1. Stop dtService on all nodes:
    service dtService stop
  2. Stop slon daemons (kill daemons on target nodes):
    killall slon
  3. Run this command on the target db (FDB, EDB, or AVDB):
    drop schema _slony cascade; 
    Note: Drop the schema only for the affected database pair.
  4. If you stopped dtService on the Primary service provider node for re-initialization of the FDB on the service provider appliances, then start the service again on the primary service provider node:
    service dtService start
  5. Start slon daemons as follows.
    • For the service provider org, start the daemon for the FDB:
    • For the tenant org, start the daemons for all databases:
  6. In the Service Center, select appliances > maintenance.
  7. In the Slony Operations section of the page, use the Organization id drop-down menu to select the Org ID of the appliance to which the init slony will be performed.
    The DB instance name menu appears.
  8. Use the DB instance name menu to select the name of the database instance (Fabric, Element, or Appvolumes) for init slony.
    If you selected Element or Appvolumes, the Element ID menu appears.
  9. If you selected Element or Appvolumes above, use the Element ID drop-down menu to select the ID of the Desktop Manager to list as New Master IP for the init slony operation. If you selected Fabric above, skip this step.
  10. Click Init Slony.
  11. If you have performed a slony reinit on the avdb of a tenant appliance, then restart the wem-diagnose-service:
    service diagnose restart
    Note: This is not required for an avdb slony reinit on a desktop manager only appliance.