This topic describes the Desktone_ApplicationServer CIM provider.

  • Description

    Provides information about the application server used by the DaaS software.

  • Properties

    • Name: Name by which the application server is identified. Set to "Jboss" for Element manager and Resource manager.

    • SoftwareElementID: Identifier for software element to be used in conjunction with other keys to uniquely identify the element. Set to host name on which the application server is running.

    • Version: Version of the application server.

    • SoftwareElementState: This property defines the various states of software element's life cycle. For example: Running, Executable, Deployable etc. A SoftwareElementState of 3 indicates that the application server is running.

    • TargetOperatingSystem: Specifies the node's operating system environment. Set to 36 (LINUX).

  • Mitigation

    If the application server is not running, go to the node in question and check the status:

    $ service dtService status
    Desktone Service is running under PID 6761

    If the Desktone Service is not running, start it (and watch the log file):

    $ service dtService start