This topic describes the Desktone_HypervisorManagerStatus CIM provider.

  • Description

    HypervisorManagerStatus provider is derived from CIM_LogicalElement, and it provides information and status of Hypervisor Managers in DaaS platform. The Hypervisor Manager is a DaaS entity which manages the hypervisor hosts. This provider runs on service provider appliances only.

  • Properties

    • CSCreationClassName [key]: Name of the class used to create the database instance.

    • SystemName [key]: Name of the system on which the provider instance is running. Set to host name in our case.

    • CreationClassName [key]: Name of the class used to create the provider instance.

    • HostAddress [key]: describes the hypervisor manager host address and version. It is an address of vCenter or ESX host.

    • Type: describes the type of hypervisor manager whether it is vCenter/ESX and its product version. Ex: "ESX, 5.1.0"

    • CommunicationStatus [derived]: indicates the ability of the DaaS Hypervisor Manager to communicate with Hypervisor Host. 2 – OK, 4 – Lost Communication

    • OperationalStatus [derived]: indicates the current status of the DaaS Hypervisor Manager in DaaS platform. 2- OK, 13 – Lost communication,

    • Status [derived, deprecated]: indicates the current status of DaaS Hypervisor Manager in DaaS platform (OK, Lost Comm)

  • Mitigation

    • Make sure that discovered host is assigned to resource manager.

    • Make sure that Hypervisor host is running and reachable from service provider appliance.

    • Please verify if there any API compatibility errors in service provider or resource manager desktone logs.

    • Check the required communication ports are open between DaaS appliances and hypervisor hosts.