Perform the steps below to add resources to the tenant.


  1. In Service Center, select service grid > resources.
  2. Select the Desktop Managers pane.
  3. Select the appropriate Desktop manager listed in the Desktop Managers panel by clicking on the name in the tree.

    You may need to click refresh if the expected Desktop Manager is not present.

  4. Click on the Compute Resources tab, and click Assign on the vCenter you have setup for the Tenant Desktops
  5. A list of both clusters and ESXi hosts will be displayed. Select one or more of the desired compute to be assigned to the Desktop Manager. Click OK when done.

    For each selected compute resource, a capacity popup will display.

  6. Review the overallocation settings and click Save if satisfactory.

    If the server capacity is not enough to meet the current usage base on overallocation, you will need to increase overallocation or decrease the amount of VMs on the compute.