The Applications page shows all of the applications available for assignments.

Click the Inventory icon and select Applications to access the Applications page.

There are two types of applications:

  • Remote applications are those imported from an RDSH image that you published after adding applications to the image.

  • Custom applications are added by specifying their names and paths on the image, using functionality on the Applications page. This is not recommended, but can be used in some situations such as Thin App launches.

You can take the following actions on the Applications page.




Add a Remote or Custom Application.


Select an application to make changes.


Delete an application.


Rename an application.


Disable an application in the list.


This does not delete the application from the system, but only disables it. The application is moved from the list of visible (enabled) to the list of hidden (disabled) applications. To delete an application, use the Delete function.


Re-enables an Application that was previously hidden (disabled).


This button only displays when you have selected Hidden in the Show filter at the top of the Applications list. This filter switches the view between a list of visible (enabled) and hidden (disabled) applications.