The Notifications page shows recent system notifications.

You can view recent notifications in the Administration Console by clicking the bell icon located in the upper right corner of any page (Notification bell icon). Open the Notifications page to view all notifications, which include both active and dismissed notifications, by clicking the bell icon and selecting Show All or by clicking Monitor > Notifications.

You can also show the notifications for different periods of time up to 30 days, refresh the page, and filter your search.

The Notifications page displays notifications with information for each one, as described in the following table.

Column Description
Type Type of notification.
  • Error - Indicates that an error has occurred.
  • Info - Provides general information. For example, a task has begun or an issue has been resolved. information.
  • Success - Indicates that a task you performed has finished successfully. For example, importing a VM.
  • Warning - Indicates an issue that can affect the performance of your environment. For example, an API slowdown or timeout.
Notification Text of the notification.
Status Status of the notification. For example, Active or Dismissed.
Date Date of notification.
Note: Notifications also appear in an abbreviated list format when you select the notifications icon ("bell" shape) at the top of the user interface page. You can click on some notifications for more information.