The following are technical notes regarding various system features.

  • Enabling Post-Sysprep Commands
    • To enable post-sysprep commands, perform these steps on a desktop before converting it to an image.

      1. Create a folder named sysprep under C:\ driver.

      2. Create a batch file named postprep-extra.bat in the sysprep folder.

      3. Add required commands in batch file and save it.

      4. Convert the desktop to an image. File path: c:\sysprep\postprep-extra.bat . Sysprep launches this batch file during specialize pass execution (before agent comes and joins the domain).

    • To set the post sysprep batch file in the template before converting to a gold pattern (executed before domain join), perform the following steps.

      1. Create a batch: c:\sysprep\postprep-extra.bat

      2. Create the C:\Sysprep\.... folder structure (for Windows 7): C:\Sysprep\ postprep-extra.bat

      3. Save it with your commands. Sysprep executes this batch file in post execution.