When you click the email link in the Share your Feedback window, nothing happens or a browser error message appears.


In the Share your Feedback window, you have the option of clicking the email link to send an email with your feedback.

Depending on your settings for your local system's browser or mail application, when you click the console's Feedback icon, you might see one of the following:
  • Nothing happens.
  • A browser error message appears.


The design for this menu choice is to run the new mail action of your local system's default mail application, using mailto:feedback.horizonair@vmware.com. This error occurs when the browser cannot perform the mailto action, such as under these conditions:

  • Your browser is set up to block pop-up windows.
  • Your browser's applications list is not configured with a default action for the mailto content type or the mailto content type is configured with the action Always ask.
  • Your local system does not have a default local mail application configured


  1. If your browser blocks pop-up windows, add the console's URL to the exception list.
  2. Configure your browser's mailto content type's action with a mail application, so that the email link can successfully open a new email form.
  3. If you do not want to change your browser settings, you can submit feedback by manually sending an email to feedback.horizonair@vmware.com.