You need this pairing bundle to complete the Enrollment Server setup steps when you are configuring your Horizon Cloud environment for True SSO. You download the pairing bundle from the Horizon Cloud Administration Console's Active Directory page.

The pairing bundle contains the Horizon Cloud tenant appliances' certificate files in CRT format that you upload to the Enrollment Server.


  1. In the console, navigate to Settings > Active Directory.
  2. In the True SSO Configuration area, obtain the pairing_bundle.7z file by clicking Download Pairing Token.
  3. Save the file to a location where you can extract its contents.
  4. Extract the CRT files from the pairing bundle to a location where you can retrieve them when you are setting up the Enrollment Server.
  5. Set up the Enrollment Server by following the steps in #GUID-C6654217-9E69-46A2-8B9A-712E55AF6EB2.