Utility VMs are discovered VMs with unsupported operating systems used for infrastructure services such as DHCP.

You can perform the following actions using buttons at the top of the page.
Action Description
Rename Select a VM and click Rename. Enter a new name in the field and click Save.
Note: For this action to be successful, the selected VM must be paired with the tenant using Agent Pairing, and the DaaS Agent must be in Active state.
Shutdown Shuts down the VM(s).
  • You can select more than one VM at a time.
  • VM status must be green.
  • You can only shut down VMs that do not have active user sessions.
Performs a 'graceful' restart of the VM(s), allowing you to recover hung VMs without loss of data. If this does not work, it may be necessary to use the Reset menu option, which performs a hard reset of the VM and can result in data loss.
  • You can select more than one VM at a time.
  • VM status must be green.

You can perform the following actions by clicking the ". . ." button and making a selection from the drop-down menu.

Action Description
Suspend Suspends the selected VM.
Resume Resumes operation of the selected VM.
Power On Powers on the selected VM.
Power Off Powers off the selected VM.
Reset Resets the selected VM.
Reset Agent Pairing

Repairs the agent pairing state when pairing failure has occurred.

  • You can select multiple VMs. The action will only be applied to those selected VMs that are currently powered on.
  • You can view progress on the Monitor > Activity page.
Launch Console Launches a console for the selected desktop. This option is deactivated if the VM is powered off or if more than one VM is selected.
Migrate To Imported VMs Moves the VM to the Imported VMs page. See Imported VMs.