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Horizon DaaS Platform 6.1.0 Hotfix

VMware Horizon DaaS Platform | 30 OCT 2014

Release notes last updated on 30 OCT 2014

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

Hotfix Information

Affected Horizon DaaS Versions

Horizon DaaS Platform 6.1.0

Hotfix Version


Resolved Issues

This hotfix addresses the following issues, which have occurred during some Horizon DaaS 6.1 upgrades:

  • Special characters in appliance/psql passwords: The backup and restore scripts required to migrate the primary service provider appliance to Ubuntu 12 are not properly escaping special (non-alphanumeric) characters in appliance and psql passwords, resulting in those scripts failing to execute properly.
  • Upgrade from older (pre-6.0.X) DaaS releases: Environments that were originally installed with Horizon DaaS version 5.4.x or earlier have settings in the /usr/local/desktone/scripts/final_config.txt file that are incompatible with the migration scripts, resulting in those scripts failing to execute properly.

Installing the Hotfix

The hotfix is delivered as a .tgz file that is installed on the newly created Ubuntu 12 appliance, prior to running the migration steps outlined in section 4.2 in the Horizon DaaS Platform 6.1 Upgrade document.

After deploying the 6.1 template appliance as described in section 4.1 of the upgrade document, install the hotfix on that appliance as follows.

  1. Download the hotfix file (DaaS_6_1_0_HF1.tgz) from the Horizon DaaS 6.1.0 Download Page.
  2. SCP the hotfix file to /tmp on the 6.1 Ubuntu 12 appliance and run the following commands on the appliance:

    cp /tmp/DaaS_6_1_0_HF1.tgz /usr/local/desktone/scripts/
    cd /usr/local/desktone/scripts
    sudo tar xvfz DaaS_6_1_0_HF1.tgz

Once the hotfix is installed, continue with the migration steps outlined in the upgrade document.