With the file transfer feature, you can transfer files between the client system and a remote desktop or published application.

For administrators - A Horizon administrator can configure the ability to allow, disallow, or allow in one direction only, the transfer of files by modifying the Configure file transfer group policy setting for VMware Blast. The default is upload only. The group policy setting has the following values.

  • If the Disabled both upload and download value is selected, the File Transfer button is deactivated.
  • If the Enabled file upload only value is selected (the default setting), only the Upload tab appears in the Transfer Files window.
  • If the Enabled file download only value is selected, only the Download tab appears in the Transfer Files window.

If the Configure clipboard redirection group policy setting is deactivated from the server to the client, file download is also deactivated.

For more information about these group policy settings, see the Horizon Remote Desktop Features and GPOs document.

The file transfer feature has the following limitations.

  • You can download files up to 500 MB and upload files up to 2 GB.
  • You cannot download or upload folders or files that have a size of zero.
  • Safari on iOS, and Safari 8, do not support upload or download. Safari 9 and later do not support download.
  • If a file transfer is in progress in a remote session and you open a connection to a second remote session, and if a security warning appears, if you ignore the warning and continue to connect to the second remote session, the file transfer in the first session stops.
  • When uploading a file with Chrome on a Chromebook, if you drag and drop folders, files of zero size, or files that are larger than 2 GB, you receive an error message as expected. After you dismiss the error message, you can no longer drag and drop files that can be transferred.
  • You cannot use this feature with Linux remote desktops or Android devices.