With HTML Access, the client system requires a supported browser. No more software is needed. However, your deployment must meet certain software requirements.

Browsers on the client system
Browser Version
Chrome 111, 112, 113
Safari 15, 16
Firefox 111, 112, 113
Microsoft Edge
Note: Supported only on Windows clients.
111, 112, 113
VMware Workspace ONE Web The latest version in the Apple App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices).
  • On an Android device, Chrome does not support the Windows key, multiple monitors, copy and paste to the system, file transfer, printing, H.264 decoding, credential cleanup, and an external mouse. The Del, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Z key combinations do not work on the software keyboard.
  • On an iOS device, Safari does not support an external mouse, the Windows key, multiple monitors, copy and paste to the system, file transfer, printing, H.264 decoding, credential cleanup, and Real-Time Audio-Video.
  • For geolocation redirection, the feature requires location services to be activated on the local operating system and on Horizon Agent. If you deny permission to use location services locally and the services are turned on for the agent, the feature uses the location of the agent. For example, suppose that the remote desktop requests weather information and the server is located in Palo Alto, CA and the client device is in Bellevue, WA. Then the location for the server is used and the remote desktop displays weather for Palo Alto, CA.
Client operating systems
Operating System Version


10 (32-bit and 64-bit)


13 (Ventura)

12 (Monterey)

11 (Big Sur)

10.15.x (Catalina)

10.14.x (Mojave)

10.13.x (High Sierra)

iOS 10 or later
Android 7 or later

ChromeOS 75 or later, on Chromebooks

ChromeOS Flex 103 or later

VMware Horizon 8 deployments

HTML Access requires the latest maintenance release of one of the following deployment types:

  • VMware Horizon 8 version 2006 or later
  • VMware Horizon 7 version 7.13 or later
  • VMware Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen
  • Horizon Cloud in Microsoft Azure
Remote desktops
HTML Access supports all the desktop operating systems that Horizon Agent supports.
Pool settings
HTML Access requires certain pool settings.
  • The Max resolution of any one monitor setting must be 1920x1200 or higher so that the remote desktop has at least 17.63 MB of video RAM.
  • If you use 3D applications, or if end users use a MacBook with Retina Display or a Google Chromebook Pixel, see Setting the Screen Resolution.
Connection Server
For Horizon 8 deployments, install the HTML Access component in Connection Server. For more information, see Preparing Connection Server.
Third-party firewalls
Add rules to allow the following traffic:
  • For servers, allow inbound traffic to TCP port 8443.
  • For virtual desktop machines, allow inbound traffic (from servers) to TCP port 22443.

When you install the HTML Access component in Connection Server, the VMware Horizon View Connection Server (Blast-In) rule is turned on in the Windows Firewall. This rule configures the firewall to allow inbound traffic to TCP port 8443 automatically.

Display protocols
HTML Access supports VMware Blast.

When you use a web browser to access a remote desktop, the client uses the VMware Blast display protocol, not PCoIP or Microsoft RDP. VMware Blast uses HTTPS (HTTP over SSL/TLS).