With the USB Redirection feature, you can use some locally attached USB devices in a remote desktop. You can redirect multiple USB devices to a remote desktop. You cannot redirect USB devices to published desktops and published applications.

Because of Chrome browser limitations, many USB devices cannot be redirected to a remote desktop. For this release, VMware tested the following USB devices. Additional devices might be supported. If a USB device is not supported, Horizon Client returns an error message when you try to redirect the device.

  • Samsung C43x Print Series
  • HP LaserJet P2055d
  • HP Deskjet 3525
  • AmbirScanPro 490i


  • You must use Chrome 87 or later or Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 87 or later.
  • A Horizon administrator must configure the USB redirection feature for the remote desktop.

For information about configuring the USB redirection feature for remote desktops, see "Configuring USB Redirection for Chrome and HTML Access Clients" in the Horizon Remote Desktop Features and GPOs document.


  1. Connect the USB device to the local system.
  2. Start HTML Access and connect to the remote desktop.
  3. To open the sidebar, click the sidebar tab.
  4. Click the Open Menu button at the top of the sidebar and click USB.
  5. Click Add Device.
  6. Select the USB device from the list and click Connect.
    If the device is supported, it is redirected to the remote desktop and is available for use in the session. If the device is not supported, an error message appears.
  7. (Optional) Click Add Device again to redirect another USB device.
  8. To release a USB device from the remote desktop, click Release.