With the Real-Time Audio-Video feature, if multiple speakers are connected to the local client system, only one of the speakers is used in the remote desktop or published application. To specify which speaker is preferred, you can configure Real-Time Audio-Video settings in HTML Access.

If it is available, the preferred speaker is used in the remote desktop or published application. If the preferred speaker is not available, another speaker is used.


  • Verify that a speaker is installed and operational on the local client system.
  • Connect to a server.


  1. Click the Settings toolbar button in the upper-right corner of the desktop and application selector window and scroll down to the Real-Time Audio-Video settings.
  2. From the Preferred speaker drop-down menu, select a preferred speaker.
    Selecting All allows you to use multiple speaker redirection, as described in Using Multiple Speakers. Selecting Default allows you to use only the client default speaker in remote sessions.


The next time you start a remote desktop or published application, the preferred speaker that you selected is redirected to the remote session.