For most versions of HTML Access, upgrading involves simply upgrading Connection Servers and View Agent. For HTML Access 3.4, you must also install HTML Access separately on the Connection Servers..

When you upgrade HTML Access, make sure that the corresponding version of View Connection Server is installed on all the instances in a replicated group.

Table 1. Installer Requirements for HTML Access Versions

HTML Access Version

View Connection Server Version

Install Requirements



No separate HTML Access installer



No separate HTML Access installer



Separate installer


6.1, 6.1.1

No separate HTML Access installer

For HTML Access that do not have a separate installer, when you upgrade Connection Server, HTML Access is automatically installed or upgraded. You do not need to install HTML Access separately.


To check whether the HTML Access component is installed, you can open the Uninstall a Program applet in the Windows operating system and look for HTML Access in the list.

Upgrading to HTML Access 3.4

Upgrading to HTML Access 3.4 requires that you install HTML Access on the Connection Servers separately. Following is a check list of the tasks you must perform:

  1. Upgrade to View Connection Server 6.1.1 with the HTML Access option on the server or servers that compose a View Connection Server replicated group.

    By default, the HTML Access component is already selected in the installer.

    When you install View Connection Server 6.1.1 interactively, the version of HTML Access that is installed is HTML Access 2.6. At this stage, you cannot use remote (hosted) applications with HTML Access. Users can continue to use HTML Access 2.6 to connect to desktops running View Agent 6.1.

  2. If you use security servers, upgrade to View Security Server 6.1.1.

    The version of View Security Server must match the version of View Connection Server.

  3. Upgrade to View Agent 6.1.1 on all RDS hosts and VDI machines, including parent and template virtual machines and the virtual machines in your desktop pools.

    With this step, you upgrade View Agent before you upgrade HTML Access on your View Connection Server instances. If you upgraded HTML Access on your servers first, your end users would not be able to connect to older View Agent desktops (version 6.1 or earlier) from their Web clients.


    The View Agent installer now includes the HTML Access agent component that had been included in the Remote Experience Agent for releases prior to Horizon 6.0 (with View). The Remote Experience Agent was part of the Horizon View Feature Pack. To upgrade features that were installed with the Remote Experience Agent, you can simply run the View Agent installer. This installer removes the Remote Experience Agent before performing the upgrade. If, for some reason, you decide to manually remove the Remote Experience Agent, be sure to do so before you run the installer for the new version of View Agent.

  4. From the Horizon 6 version 6.1.1 download page (, download the HTML Access Web Portal installer onto your View Connection Server instances and run the installer.

    The installer is named VMware-Horizon-View-HTML-Access_X64-3.4.0-xxxxxx.exe, where xxxxxx is the build number.


For HTML Access 3.4, whenever you upgrade View Connection Server, you must run the HTML Access installer after the View Connection Server upgrade. For example, after you upgrade View Connection Server to a new patch or maintenance release, the HTML Access Web Portal page might not display the HTML Access icon. If no new version of HTML Access is available, use the Uninstall a Program feature of Windows to uninstall HTML Access and then reinstall the same version.