Before end users can access a remote desktop or application, administrators must configure certain pool and farm settings and install View Agent on remote desktop virtual machines and RDS hosts in the data center.

About this task

The HTML Access client is a good alternative when Horizon Client software is not installed on the client system.


The Horizon Client software offers more features and better performance than the HTML Access client. For example, with the HTML Access client, some key combinations do not work in the remote desktop, but these key combinations do work with Horizon Client.


  • Verify that your vSphere infrastructure and View components meet the system requirements for HTML Access.

    See System Requirements for HTML Access.

  • Verify that the HTML Access component is installed with View Connection Server on the host or hosts and that the Windows firewalls on View Connection Server instances and any security servers allow inbound traffic on TCP port 8443.

    See Preparing View Connection Server and Security Servers for HTML Access.

  • If you use third-party firewalls, configure a rule to allow inbound traffic from View servers to TCP port 22443 on View desktops in the data center.

  • Verify that the virtual machine you plan to use as a desktop source or RDS host has the following software installed: a supported operating system and VMware Tools.

    For a list of the supported operating systems, see System Requirements for HTML Access.

  • Familiarize yourself with the procedures for creating pools and farms and entitling users. See the topics about creating pools and farms in Setting Up Desktops and Applications in View.

  • To verify that the remote desktop or application is accessible to end users, verify that you have Horizon Client software installed on a client system. You will test the connection by using the Horizon Client software before attempting to connect from a browser.

    For Horizon Client installation instructions, see the Horizon Client documentation site at

  • Verify that you have one of the supported browsers for accessing a remote desktop. See System Requirements for HTML Access.


  1. For RDS desktops and applications, use View Administrator to create or edit the farm and enable the Allow HTML Access to desktops and applications on this farm option in the farm settings.
  2. For single-session desktop pools, use View Administrator to create or edit the desktop pool so that the pool can be used with HTML Access.
    1. Enable the HTML Access in the Desktop Pool settings.

      The HTML Access setting does not appear in the Add Desktop Pool wizard when you create RDS desktop pools. Instead, you enable the Allow HTML Access to desktops and applications on this farm option when creating or editing the farm of RDS hosts.

    2. In the pool settings, verify that the Max resolution of any one monitor setting is 1920x1200 or higher.
  3. After the pools are created, recomposed, or upgraded to use View Agent with the HTML Access option, use Horizon Client to log in to a desktop or application.

    With this step, before you attempt to use HTML Access, you verify that the pool is working correctly.

  4. Open a supported browser and enter a URL that points to your View Connection Server instance.

    For example:

    Be sure to use https in the URL.

  5. On the Web page that appears, click VMware Horizon HTML Access and log in as you would with the Horizon Client software.
  6. On the desktop and application selection page that appears, click an icon to connect.


You can now access a remote desktop or application from a Web browser when you are using a client device that does not or cannot have Horizon Client software installed in its operating system.

What to do next

For added security, if your security policies require that the Blast agent on the remote desktop uses an SSL certificate from a certificate authority, see Configure HTML Access Agents to Use New SSL Certificates.