It is possible to copy text to and from remote desktops and applications. Your View administrator can set this feature so that copy and paste operations are allowed only from your client system to a remote desktop or application, or only from a remote desktop or application to your client system, or both, or neither.

Administrators configure the ability to copy and paste by using group policies that pertain to View Agent or Horizon Agent in remote desktops. For more information, see HTML Access Group Policy Settings. Administrators can also use group policies to restrict clipboard formats during copy and paste operations. Because HTML Access supports transferring only text in the clipboard, only the text filters work with the HTML Access client. For information about using group policies to filter clipboard formats, see the Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View document.

You can copy up to 1MB of text, including any Unicode non-ASCII characters. You can copy text from your client system to a remote desktop or application, or the reverse, but the pasted text is plain text.

You cannot copy and paste graphics. You also cannot copy and paste files between a remote desktop and the file system on your client computer.

Note: The copy and paste feature is not supported on iOS Safari.