With the file transfer feature, you can transfer (upload and download) files between the client and a remote desktop. File transfer to or from applications is not supported.

The Horizon administrator can configure the ability to allow, disallow, or allow in one direction only, the transfer of files by modifying the Configure file transfer group policy setting for the VMware Blast protocol. The default is upload only. For more information, see HTML Access Group Policy Settings.

You can download a file up to 500 MB in size, and upload a file up to 2 GB in size. For 32-bit Internet Explorer 11, downloading a file larger than 300 MB might not work. To resolve the issue, run Internet Explorer 11 in 64-bit mode.

You cannot download or upload folders, or files that have a size of zero.

Safari on iOS and Safari 8 do not support upload or download. Safari 9 does not support download.

If file transfer is in progress in a desktop session and the user opens a connection to a second desktop, and if a security warning is displayed (this can happen if no valid certificate was installed, for example), ignoring the warning and continuing to connect to the second desktop will cause the file transfer in the first desktop session to abort. This is expected behavior.

Note: The ability to download is affected by the group policy setting for clipboard redirection. If clipboard redirection is disabled from the server to the client, then file download is also disabled.