You might need to restart a remote desktop if the desktop operating system stops responding. Restarting a remote desktop is the equivalent of the Windows operating system restart command. The desktop operating system usually prompts you to save any unsaved data before it restarts.

About this task

You can restart a remote desktop only if a Horizon administrator has enabled the desktop restart feature for the desktop.


Use the Restart command.



From the sidebar

When connected to a remote desktop, click the Open Menu toolbar button next to the desktop name in the Running list in the sidebar and select Restart.

Using a URI

To restart a desktop, use the URI https://ConnectionServerFQDN?desktopId=desktop_name&action=restart.


The operating system in the remote desktop reboots and Horizon Client disconnects and logs off from the desktop.

What to do next

Wait an appropriate amount of time for system startup before you attempt to reconnect to the remote desktop.

If restarting the remote desktop does not solve the problem, you might need to reset the remote desktop. See Reset a Remote Desktop or Remote Applications.