Use your Active Directory credentials to connect to the remote desktops and applications that you are authorized to use.


  • Obtain login credentials, such as an Active Directory user name and password, RSA SecurID user name and passcode, or RADIUS authentication user name and passcode.

  • Obtain the NETBIOS domain name for logging in. For example, you might use mycompany rather than


  1. In the Login dialog box, if you are prompted for RSA SecurID credentials or RADIUS authentication credentials, enter the user name and passcode, and click Login.

    The passcode might include both a PIN and the generated number on the token.

  2. If you are prompted a second time for RSA SecurID credentials or RADIUS authentication credentials, enter the next generated number on the token.

    Do not enter your PIN and do not enter the same generated number entered previously. If necessary, wait until a new number is generated.

    If this step is required, it is required only when you mistype the first passcode or when configuration settings in the RSA server change.

  3. In the Login dialog box, enter your login credentials.
    1. In the Username text box, enter your valid Active Directory user name in either username, domain\username, or username@domain format.

      If the Domain text box is disabled, you must use either the domain\username or username@domain format.

    2. Enter your password.
    3. (Optional) If the Domain text box is enabled, select a domain name, if it is not already correctly populated.

    To cancel the login process, click Cancel before the login process finishes.

  4. (Optional) On the desktop and application selection screen, before you select the item you want to access, to mark a remote desktop or application as a favorite, click the gray star inside the icon for the desktop or application.

    The star icon turns from gray to yellow. The next time you log in, you can click the star icon in the upper-right part of the browser window to display only favorites.

  5. Click the icon for the remote desktop or application that you want to access.

    The remote desktop or application is displayed in your browser. A navigation sidebar is also available. You can click the tab at the left side of the browser window to display the sidebar. You can use the sidebar to access other remote desktops or applications, display the Settings window, copy and paste text, and more.

What to do next

If, soon after connecting to a desktop or application, you get disconnected and see a prompt asking you to click a link to accept the security certificate, you can select whether to trust the certificate. See Trust a Self-Signed Root Certificate.