HTML Access can resize the remote desktop to match the size of the browser window. To use this feature, a Horizon administrator must configure the remote desktop to have the correct amount of video RAM (VRAM). The default VRAM configuration is 36 MB. If you are not using 3D applications, the minimum VRAM requirement is 16 MB.

If you use a browser or Chrome device that has a high pixel density resolution, such as a MacBook with Retina Display or a Google Chromebook Pixel, you can set the remote desktop or published application to use that resolution. Turn on the High Resolution Mode option in the Settings window, which is available from the sidebar. This option appears in the Settings window only if you are using a high-resolution display or a normal display that uses a scale that is greater than 100 percent.

The High Resolution Mode feature cannot change the resolution for an active remote session. You must log out and log in again to make the feature take effect.